Database with project documents

Name of document Authors Description
Long list of indicators Edel Kelly, John Finn and Mary Ryan (eds.) At the beginning of the project a literature review and review of national initiatives was conducted to make a long list of potential and provisional indicators. For further information on the steps from this long list to the selection of the indicators to be used in the FLINT pilot see deliverable 1.4.
Overview of sustainability indicators Ambre Diazabakana, Laure Latruffe, Christian Bockstaller, Yann Desjeux, John Finn, Edel Kelly, Mary Ryan, Sandra Uthes This report (deliverable 1.2) provides an overview of sustainability indicators based on international literature and national initiatives, and discusses practical aspects to be considered when calculating them from farm level data.
Selection of Farm level indicators Edel Kelly, Mary Ryan, John Finn, Thia Hennessy This report (deliverable 1.4) gives a comprehensive outline of the indicator selection process.
FLINT farm return Eszter Kis-Csatari (ed.) For each of the 33 sustainability topics an exact specification was made which data items to collect. A document was prepared with definitions of each of the variables. In line with the FADN Farm Return, this document was called the FLINT farm return. For practical reasons the required data were rearranged into ten tables and structured and described according to the EU FADN standards.
Risk management Marcel van Asseldonk, Irini Tzouramani, Lan Ge and Hans Vrolijk This case study looks at the adoption of risk management strategies in european agriculture
Technical efficiency Laure Latruffe, Herv‚ Dakpo, Yann Desjeux, Giffona Justinia Hanitravelo This case study analyses the Cap subsidies and technical efficiency including environmental outputs: the case of european farms
Innovation Harold van der Meulen, Marcel van Asseldonk and Lan Ge This case study looks at the adoption of innovation in european agriculture
Farm fragmentation Legrand Saint-Cyr, Laure Latruffe, Laurent Piet This case study evaluates farm fragmentation, performance and subsidies in the european union
Social indicators Beatriz Herrera, Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Andrea Knierim This case study focuses on the social indicators of farm-level sustainability
Age of assets Eszter Kis Csatari, Szilárd Keszthelyi This case study looks at the effect of age of assets on farm profitability and labour productivity
Economic sustainability Cathal O'donoghue, Simon Devisme, Mary Ryan, Ricky Conneely, Patrick Gillespie, Hans Vrolijk This case study evaluates the farm economic sustainability in the eu: a pilot study
Farmer age Noreen Brennan, Mary Ryan, Thia Hennessy, Paula Cullen This case study looks at the impact of farmer age on indicators of agricultural sustainability
Extension Noreen Brennan, Mary Ryan, Thia Hennessy, Emma Jane Dillon, Paula Cullen This case study evaluates the role of extension in agricultural sustainability
Greening John Lynch, John Finn, Mary Ryan This case study provides an investigation of indicators for greening measures: permanent grassland and semi-natural area
Nutrient use Cathal Buckley, Co Daatselaar, Thia Hennessy, Hans Vrolijk This case study uses the farm accountancy data network to develop nutrient use efficiency indicators for milk production
Trade-offs Laure Latruffe, Yann Desjeux, Giffona Justinia Hanitravelo, Thia Hennessy, Christian Bockstaller, Pierre Dupraz, John Finn This case study analysis the tradeoffs between economic, environmental and social sustainability: the case of a selection of european farms
Advisory services Beatriz Herrera, Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Irene Tzouramani, Andrea Knierim This case study looks at the advisory services and farm level sustainability
Soil organic matter Sandra Uthes This case study derives indicators for soil organic matter management from flint data
Water usage Paola Eguinoa Juan Manuel Intxaurrandieta This case study looks at the water usage, source and sustainability: examples from the region of navarra (spain) and greece