Deliverable no. Deliverable name WP no. Nature   Dissemination level Delivery date
D1.1 Working paper identifying and describing policy evaluation needs 1 R RE Month 3
D1.2 Overview and description of farm level indicators 1 R RE Month 5
D1.3 Draft list of indicators and variables to be collected 1 S RE Month 6
D1.4 Report on sustainability indicators 1 R PU Month 12
D2.1 Methodological approach for stakeholder involvement 2 S RE Month 6
D2.2 Stakeholder involvement reports 2 R RE Month 9
D2.3 Final set of indicators and variables 2 S PU Month 10
D2.4 Data sheets on Pilot networks of farms 2 R PU Month 12
D2.5 Critical assessment of methodological approach 2 R PU Month 16
D3.1 Central and 9 decentralised web-based forms and spread sheets for data collection 2 P RE Month 16
D3.2 IT server with tools to upload data 3 P RE Month 16
D3.3 Server tools for checking, reporting and mapping 3 P RE Month 20
D3.4 Standards for data exchange and a file transfer server 3 P RE Month 20
D4.1 Data collectors handbook 4 O RE Month 16
D4.2 Training experience 4 R RE Month 17
D4.3 Data recorded and basic statistics/reports 4 O RE Month 22
D4.4 Data quality verification experience 4 R RE Month 24
D4.5 Evaluation on experiences in the data collection and proposals for improvement. 4 R PU Month 24
D5.1 Research data base 5 O RE Month 26
D5.2 CAP evaluation with and without the data collected 5 R PU Month 30
D5.3 Review on usefulness of Farm level indicators for evaluation 5 R PU Month 33
D6.1 Reports on meetings of community of practice 6 R PU M 12, 24, 36
D6.2 Report recommendations follow up FLINT 6 R PU Month 35
D6.3 Web site 6 O PU Month 6
D6.4 App for smart phones 6 O PU Month 12
D6.5 Scientific advisory meetings and closing workshop 6 O PU Month 12, 24, 36
D7.1 Interim and final report 6 O RE M 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36
D7.2 Articles in popular press 6 R PU M12, 24, 36