• Lessons of FLINT for the food industry (food industry)

    This presentation gives an overview of the FLINT project and the lessons and implications for the food industry.
    Presentation for food industry, March, 2017, Krijn Poppe and Hans Vrolijk

  • FLINT data collection experiences and recommendations for the Future (FLINT workshop Brussels)

    These presentations informed the participants on the data collection experiences, the availability of relevant data, the feasibility of collecting this additional information and an estimate of the costs of data collection. Subsequently recommendations for the future were presented and discussed.
    Presentation at FLINT Workshop in Brussels, Brussels, November 14, 2016, Krijn Poppe , Szilárd Keszthelyi and Hans Vrolijk

  • Farm Level Indicators for New Topics in policy evaluation (GLOBAL CLUB)

    The directors of research institutes were informed about the background and objectives of the FLINT project. Questions on the role of institutes in identifying and standardising indicators, the need for sustainability indicators and the interest to collect this type of data were discussed.
    Global club of Directors of Agricultural Research Institutes, Rome, October 25, 2016, Krijn Poppe

  • Polish experiences in collecting FLINT data from FADN farms (PACIOLI)

    This presentation gave an overview of the Polish data collection of FLINT variables on FADN farm in Poland and made an initial assessment of the feasibility of collecting sustainability data on Polish farms.
    24 th PACIOLI Workshop, Prisztina (Kosovo), September 25 th -28th, 2016, Czarnota Piotr

  • FLINT dissemination of results (EU dissemination event)

    The FLINT Project was presented at the Societal Challenge 2 Dissemination Event, jointly organised in Brussels by DG AGRI, DG RTD and the Research Executive Agency (REA). The presentation focussed on the project results, the impact of the project, the lessons learnt and the possibilities for future research. Societal Challenge 2 Dissemination Event, Brussels, June 27, 2016, Hans Vrolijk

  • Data collection experiences and scenarios for the future (OECD)

    This presentation gave an overview of the data collection process, the initial experiences with the data collection and first ideas on scenarios on the future infrastructure for collecting data on the sustainability performance of farms.
    Presentation at OECD FLA network , Paris, May 22, 2016, Hans Vrolijk

  • FLINT, the farm return and data collection experiences (FADN Committee Meeting)

    These presentations informed the Members of the FADN committee about the background, objectives and impacts of the FLINT project. Subsequently the design and the process around the FLINT farm return were explained. Finally the initital experiences with data collection were shared with the committee members. These introductory presentations were followed by a group discussions on the impact of collecting sustainability data in the scope of FADN and the possible scenarios for the future.
    Presentation at 198th FADN Committee Meeting, Brussels, April 18, 2016, Hans Vrolijk, Szilárd Keszthelyi and Hennessy, Thia

  • Sustainability indicators in FLINT (FADN)

    This presentation was given at the 193rd Fadn Committee meeting and presented the indicator list as defined in Work package 1 of the FLINT project. FADN representatives from all EU member states were asked for experiences in collecting the data required for the defined indicators.
    193rd FADN committee meeting, DG-Agri, Brussels, 5th of November 2015, Thia Hennessy and Hans Vrolijk

  • FLINT farm return (Pacioli)

    This presentation explained the structure of the FLINT farm return. Like the farm return in FADN, the FLINT farm return gives an exact specification of the data elements (plus definition of these data elements) to be collected. The FLINT farm return was the starting point to design the data collection processes in the different partner countries.
    23rd Pacioli workshop, Belgrade, Serbia, 27 till 30th of September 2015, Eszter Kis-Csatári

  • Indicators of social sustainability at farm level (GEWISOLA)

    Conference paper presentation. 55th annual conference of German Society of Economic and Social Science in Agriculture (GEWISOLA)
    55th GEWISOLA workshop, Giessen, 25th and 26th of September 2015, Beatriz Herrera

  • Update on the current state of FLINT (OECD)

    This presentation gave an update of the current status of the FLINT project. The indicators were listed and data collection issues in the different partner countries were discussed.
    OECD 15th Meeting of the Farm Level Analysis group, Tallinn, 4 and 5th of June 2015, Mary Ryan and Hans Vrolijk

  • Developing Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture in Ireland and the EU (AES)

    Presentations on Teagasc national work in Ireland on sustainability indicators and its relation to the FLINT project
    Sustainable Intensification Symposium at Agricultural Economics Society (AES) annual conference, April 14 2015, Warwick, UK, Mary Ryan

  • Developing indicators for Sustainable Agriculture in the EU (SIP)

    Presentations on Teagasc national work in Ireland on sustainability indicators and its relation to the FLINT project
    Intensification Platform (SIP) Meeting, Leamington Spa, United Kingdom, March 25 2015, Mary Ryan

  • Indicator selection in the FLINT project (Pacioli)

    This presentation was given at the 22rd pacioli workshop and gave a description of the process and preliminary results of the indicator definition in the FLINT project as conducted in Work Package 1 of the project.
    22nd Pacioli workshop; Dublin, Ireland; 28th of September till 1st of October 2014, Mary Ryan

  • Objectives and approach of the FLINT project (OECD)

    This presentation which was given before the actual start of the project. It gives a clear outline of the objectives and design of the project.
    OECD 12th Meeting of the Farm Level Analysis Group; Paris, 12th and 13th of November 2013, Hans Vrolijk

Poster Presentations

Innovations and forms of farms (EAAE)

Poster presentation. 160th EAAE Seminar, Warsaw, 1st and 2nd of December, 2016, Florianczyk Zbigniew

Indicators of social sustainability at farm level (GEWISOLA)

Poster presentation. 56th annual conference of German Society of Economic and Social Science in Agriculture (GEWISOLA), Bonn, 28th till 30th of September 2016, Beatriz Herrera